Skagit County Fire District 6 provides 24/7/365 coverage for emergency incidents with a minimum on-duty staffing of one Firefighter/EMT and one Firefighter. In addition, there are five resident firefighters that live at the Bayridge Station. This helps supplement responses by providing three to five personnel for evening and weekend calls. The district’s service area is approximately 27 square miles with an estimated population of over 5,500 residents. District 6 is committed to ensure that when the need arises, our personnel are trained, dedicated, and professional with well-resourced apparatus equipped with lifesaving equipment.


The most visible and valued services provided by Skagit County Fire District 6 is our response to and control of all-hazard emergency events that affect the citizens in the area in which we serve. District 6 provides a variety of emergency services including:


  • Fire Suppression

  • BLS Emergency Medical Services

  • Hazardous Materials Response

  • Public Information and Education


Skagit County Fire District 6 believes in building relationships that we find are mutually beneficial to us and our partners. We foster strong partnerships to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide added value to our customers (tax payers) through cost sharing and reducing redundancy.

  • Capitalize on opportunities to work closer with our neighboring agencies.

  • Operate the organization through effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Provide opportunities for our staff and volunteers to participate in regional efforts.

Listed below are some of the partnerships that we currently enjoy:.