About Us

Construction of the Bayridge Fire Station was completed in April of 2006 and now serves as the District’s headquarters. In addition, the station provides a large meeting room for up to 135 people that may be used by District residents and public safety groups. You may contact the District Secretary at jnewman@skagitfire6.com to schedule the room for use. A fee may be assessed for use of this room. Coverage for emergency responses is provided 24/7/365 by a minimum on duty staffing of one firefighter/EMT and one firefighter. District 6 provides emergency response to over 27 square miles and 5,500 residents. In addition, the Bayridge Station has five resident firefighters that live at the station. This supplements our response to give us three to five personnel for most evening and weekend responses. We are continually working to provide the best possible service in your time of need. If you would like to volunteer with our organization, please contact the District Fire Chief at pwagner@skagitfire6.com.